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I’m okay with this.

Axton from Borderlands 2


My Hawke, Reagan. I accept

Dren’Kalee my male quarian in multiplayer? I’m oddly okay with this.

my femshep

not bad

i was playing on my hircine save in skyrim does this mean im married to hircine

My femshep too

awww yiss

Cute Dunmer Nerevarine

This could honestly not have turned out better.

…a short, feisty, axe-weilding Norn warrior named Pyri. 


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    Edward Kenway
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    (( Captain Walker. Fuck.
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    [… my character from animal crossing. alright then.]
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    I’m married to Helena ;)
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    mario , ((;
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    Lego Harry Potter…. Hmm…..
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    My Pokemon Trainer from Pokemon Black. Eh, could be worse.
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    But-but-but I played Europa Unversalis 3! There are no characters, you control a country! Am I now married to the Empire...
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    Guess I’m married to Jade from MK. :3
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    Monkey from Enslaved ಠ_ಠ
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    I’m married to Naruto and I’m really not okay with that. Unless he doesn’t count cause he’s also an anime character but...
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    Half Jelly cause I got Roxas XD
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    Sora… Miku, are you jelly? :P
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    (( Looks like I’m married to Link…. ADIOS SUCKERS WE’RE HONEYMOONIN’ IN LAKE HYLIA.))
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    So I’m married to Ragna the Bloodedge.. whoopie I’ll have Jin trying to kill me then
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    If I remember right, the game was Witcher, so… Geralt of Rivia? Good gods, yes please. Yessss.
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    um… Spyro. i am now married to Spyro the Dragon. WAT
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    A soldier who gets killed a lot…. I don’t even know his name! How am I supposed to live with this?!
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    Church from Jericho hell yes what do you know about that ass son.
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    Hell yeah Dante from Devil May Cry series woot woot
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    Now I’m married to Axton and we have four-ways with his two Sabre turrets.
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    ok…i’m with solid snake in MGS4….damn i’ll be rich soon ewe yeeey~
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    jill valentine from resident evil. nice
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    Minecraft Steve… I didn’t even have my customized skin because I was playing offline…
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    Jason Brody… Lamest person ever to get married to IMO
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    Kat from gravity rush
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    Nope. I am Garran, so yeah.
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    Mega Man. This is the guy who can’t move his arms or duck. This is going to be one boring marriage.
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    phoenix wright detective gumshoe is more my type but hey i’m okay with this
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    Postal Dude is my man waifu
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    James Sunderland. i`m kind of okay with this, except for the whole murdering his wife thing
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    A CoD soldier?
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    the male protagonist from Pokemon White 2. i’m okay with that but he’s getting a haircut.
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