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  • me:

    Remember your story of the D&D group that latched onto the meat on a stick stand?

  • We're doing that with a throwaway company that was invented for our Android game

  • Rades:


  • yes

  • hahaha

  • Meat on a Stick became a huge thing!

  • they owned the restaurant for the catering business

  • and an entire session was all about their grand opening

  • and also advanced the plot in huge ways, they had city officials there, former party members had retired to become chefs, the thieves guild they had been clashing with showed up to crash the party...

  • me:

    We were investigating this warehouse district and one of the warehouses was, randomly. CASH 4 GLASS

  • and apparently we thought this was funny.

  • And now it will not die.

  • Rades:


  • oh god

  • yes

  • I can exactly picture this

  • me:

    (same with deciding that KFP stood for Korean Fetish Providers)

  • Rades:

    in one game the DM was slow to come up with a name for an NPC villain

  • and I shouted out WHISKEY PETE

  • and then all the villains had alcohol based nicknames from the party

  • like Rum Howard

  • me:

    We had a similar episode where a villain became Tyrone Blaxton

  • Rades:


  • this is the stuff that is so hard to describe to a non RP-er

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